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Sankalp Functional Nutrition has been founded by two nutritionists who have faced and overcome their own health struggles using diet, mind work, lifestyle and the science-backed approach of integrative medicine.

The co-founders of the center Summa and Natasha believe that people need a sustainable way to approach their own health issues and gain freedom from the thought that lifelong medication is the only solution to disease.

At Sankalp Functional Nutrition, we teach you how to transform your body and return to a state of health with an effective protocol and the care and support of our team.

What is Functional Nutrition?

When it comes to ‘dis-ease’, genetics load the gun, but the environment pulls the trigger. Only 10% of disease is genetic, the remaining 90% is a result of our lifestyle. The body is affected by food, exercise, sleep and stress, but also by other aspects of wellbeing: emotional, social and spiritual health.

The functional way adds a new dimension to healing. Functional or integrative nutrition looks at the body as a whole, where one organ system affects the other. Instead of looking at disease as an isolated set of symptoms to be treated with targeted drugs, functional nutrition aims to heal the body by identifying and treating the root cause of disease.

A gradual reversal of disease, re-establishing balance and coming off medication is the ultimate goal. At Sankalp Functional Nutrition, we believe that the future of medicine is functional, where the body can thrive, not just survive.


Science meets ancient knowledge

We are guided by the yogic principle of panchakoshas: balance between the physical, psychological and energetic body to promote healing.

The five aspects are:

  • Annamaya kosha: the physical body that is reliant on food and water as nourishment
  • Pranamaya kosha: the vital energy body influenced by prana
  • Manomaya kosha: the emotional body affected by thought and conditioning
  • Vijanamaya kosha: the intuitive body of higher consciousness
  • Anandamaya kosha: the bliss body which thrives on universal connection and mindfulness

    Our Mission

    To help those suffering from chronic ailments see a continual improvement in their health through Functional Nutrition, and achieve a disease-free and balanced state of living.

    Our Vision

    To be a medium for healing, education and freedom from lifestyle diseases through Functional Nutrition. We want to help our clients achieve a greater state of health, free of medication.

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