Natasha Jha


Natasha is a certified Functional Nutrition Practitioner who has experienced the transformative effects of diet on her own health and wellbeing. Since 2017, she has lost over 20 kilos, and reversed ‘incurable’ chronic autoimmune diseases through the power of food and lifestyle.

This inspired her to become a health coach and help others in their health and weight loss journey.

“Modern medicine often diagnoses and treats the symptoms of a condition without trying to fix the underlying cause. The truth is that all disease begins in the gut, and is impacted by the lifestyle choices we make on a daily basis. By simply shifting our mindset and daily habits, we are in a position to reset the body and mind. Losing weight and feeling better about the way we look is simply a byproduct of better choices. And that is what we aim to do through functional nutrition.”

Qualifications & Awards

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  • IFM (Institute of Functional Medicine)
    Introduction to Functional Medicine (Continuing Education)

    Introduction to Functional Nutrition: Clinical solutions for addressing the underlying causes of disease (Continuing Education)


  • AFPA
    Nutrition and Wellness Consultant


  • iThrive Academy
    Certified Functional Nutrition Practitioner